Zeewolde Wind Farm to deploy Enercon new EP3 turbines

Wind Park Zeewolde B.V. (WPZ) has signed a contract with German wind turbine manufacturer Enercon for the supply of 74 of Enercon’s new EP3 type turbines and 9 turbines of the existing EP2. In addition, a long-term Operations and Maintenance contract is closed.

The largest EP3 turbines are 4.2 MW and have a tip height of 220 meter. It’s the first time in the Netherlands that this new type of wind turbine will be built on such a large scale.

“We have selected Enercon based on the yield of the EP3 turbines, the good availability of the construction crews and the track record of partnership” says WPZ BV Managing Director Sjoerd Sieburgh Sjoerdsma.

“The new EP3 platform machines represent a next stage in the evolution of ENERCON’s wind energy converter design. They are compact and efficient with consistently optimised processes – from production, transport and logistics to installation. These are the key characteristics of the new WEC generation ENERCON has designed in response to new market requirements worldwide” says ENERCON Sales Manager Martin Eggen.

WPZ did not enclose the contract sum. Vattenfall will purchase the energy produced by the 83 wind turbines. The company has now all the necessary contracts (Balance of Plant contract, power purchase agreement, turbine contract and operational contracts) in place to start construction activities. WPZ will start building the first roads and foundations in half a year’s time. Bank financing is expected for the end of the year. Source: Windpark Zeewolde