Wind to green seagoing vessels

A wind farm, owned by Eneco, on Landtong Rozenburg, along the Calandkanaal in Rotterdam, will in the near future be supplying green power to seagoing vessels, with Heerema’s giant crane vessels to be the first.

Energy company Eneco and the Port of Rotterdam Authority have partnered up to develop and implement this project to demonstrate that it is possible to supply shore-based power to seagoing vessels. They are establishing “Rotterdam Shore Power B.V.” for this purpose. Heerema Marine Contractors is the first customer in this demonstration project.

A so-called “e-house” of 16 by 9 by 5.5 metres and several transformers will be built near Heerema’s berth on the north side of the Noordzeeweg to supply vessels with shore power generated by the wind turbines.

Reduction in pollution and noise
Heerema’s gigantic crane vessels Sleipnir and Thialf regurlary moore in the Calandkanaal for maintenance or to prepare for projects at sea. To run on-board facilities they usually deploy their diesel generators. These diesel generators annually produce approximately the same amount of emissions as do 5,000 diesel cars (based on an average diesel car emission of 150 gram of CO2 per km and operation and driving 37 km per day). By switching off the generators, emissions of CO2 are reduced by approximately 15,000 metric tons each year. Heerema’s vessels will need to be converted to connect to shore power.

The Municipality has already reserved a subsidy of 2 million Euro in its 2020 budget. The subsidy is not unconditional; the two partners will have to ensure that the e-house is integrated into its surroundings in consultation with local residents. By a successful outcome the subsidy will be returned to the Municipality.

Discussions are also ongoing with other vessel operators. Other nearby terminals can be supplied with shore power from the e-house on Landtong Rozenburg. The project will apply for the permits in late 2019 and construction is to start in the spring of 2020.