Wind energy to help Amsterdam in the energy transition

Windpark Slufterdam

As of January 2019 Nuon/Vattenfall will be the new energy supplier for the Amsterdam public transportation company GVB. The energy will come from 100% renewable energy sources that are generated in the Netherlands.

The contract between the companies runs for a period of 10 years, till the end of December 2028. Part of the energy will come from the onshore wind farm Slufterdam.

Energy hub
Vattenfall and GVB will also look into ways to provide in the energy consumption of GVB. One idea is to jointly develop an energy hub whereby a large solar roof will be placed on a GVB building and any surplus production should benefit the local community. The companies will research the possibilities.

The contract is bringing both parties a step further in their aim to become climate-neutral. GVB, who uses as much energy as the equivalent of almost 45,000 households in Amsterdam, has set a goal to reach this by 2025. Running their buses on green electricity would reduce this number potentially to 55.000.

Vattenfall aims to become fossil free within one generation and the ‘greening’ of transport is one of the ways to reach this goal. The utility sees this contract as a start of a long-term partnership to promote sustainable energy.

A few weeks ago the City of Amsterdam also announced that is has selected a new energy provider. On 25 September it signed a 15-year contract with Greenchoice for the delivery of green energy.

Beside the city government, other participating companies include, amongst others, the Amsterdam-Amstelland fire brigade, the energy waste company (Afval Energie Bedrijf), the Stedelijk Museum, the public library and the National Opera and Ballet. All together they consume energy to the equivalent of some 36,000 households.

All energy is generated in the Netherlands and will come initially from wind, pv or biomass. Part of the contract states that within seven years the total energy consumption by the municipality is generated by wind turbines. These turbines will be built in the next few years.

The City of Amsterdam and Greenchoice will work together on a renewable project at least every five years to generate and store green energy or reduce the energy consumption. Photo: Annelies Bakker