Vattenfall completes turbine installation in forest area in Wieringermeer WF

© Vattenfall/Jorrit Lousberg

Vattenfall, the developer of 82 wind turbines in the Wieringermeer Wind Farm, completed the installation of the fourth and last wind turbine in the Robbenoord forest just before Easter.

Wieringermeer Wind Farm is a repowering project whereby scattered small wind turbines are being replaced by modern, more powerful wind turbines in line position. The entire project comprise 99 wind turbines of which 82 are owned by Vattenfall and the remaining by ECN Wind Energy Facilities.

Of the 82 wind turbines of the type Nordex N117/3600, 4 are positioned in a forest area. This is unique in the Netherlands. Vattenfall reported on 14 April that 48 out of the 82 wind turbines are now installed. The first wind turbine was installed back in June 2019. The developer expects the wind farm to be officially inaugurated by the end of this year. Read also the long read article on the wind farm from June 2019.