Van Oord completes construction artificial island for Windpark Fryslân

Construction work at the start of the summer

This week, Windpark Fryslân reported that the work on the artificial island near Kornwerderzand in the Frisian part of the IJsselmeer has been completed.

The Zuiderzeewind contractor consortium was responsible for the construction of the island, which consists of approximately 2 hectares above water and two shallow water zones of approximately 25 hectares.

Van Oord carried out the work. As explained in a video by Windpark Fryslân, a total of approximately 1.5 m3 million sand was dumped, partly by dredging sand from the navigation channel at Kornwerderzand. The island is protected against waves and currents by an 800 meter sheltered dam.

During the construction of the wind farm, it will first serve as a work island. Once the construction of the foundations is completed, the island will be further prepared to serve as a nature island. As soon as the first wind turbine is operational the island will serve as a foraging and resting place for birds with an artificial reef for fish next to it.

A fish migration river is also being developed near the nature and work island.

© Windpark Fryslân