UXOcontrol has started Hollandse Kust Zuid UXO identification campaign

UXO identification vessel Geoholm ©DOF management AS

Dutch company UXOcontrol has been appointed by Vattenfall to complete the UXO identification campaign for its Hollandse Kust Zuid offshore wind farm. The works will take place in two campaigns over 2 years.

The Hollandse Kust Zuid wind farm zone is located between 18 and 36 km off the west coast of the Netherlands and covers an area of 225 km2 with water depths at site ranging from 18.1 m to 27.8 m.

UXOcontrol will investigate the objects that were identified in an UXO-survey campaign, which took place in 2019, to eliminate any UXO-related risks during construction of the wind farm.

The works will be executed in two campaigns. In 2020 UXO identification will be performed in site 1 and 2 and in 2021 site 3 and 4. The activities for the first campaign have already started this month and will take an estimated 14 weeks. The company will use its UXO identification vessel, Geoholm. UXOcontrol said there will be 46 personnel involved in the project.

In case UXO’s are identified, the Royal Navy will be alerted to start a removal campaign.

UXOcontrol is a daughter company of survey and IRM subsea solutions provider N-Sea and UXO risk mitigation company BODAC.