Two Belgian offshore wind farm projects merge

Under the name Seamade, the planned Belgian offshore wind farm projects Mermaid and Seastar merge. Project partners of Seamade are the Belgian energy company Electrabel, the Otary group and the Dutch energy company Eneco.

The Otary group is a combination of 8 Belgian companies that are all active in offshore wind energy. By the end of 2018, the financial close of Seamade must be reached in order to start construction in 2019.

There are 58 wind turbines from Siemens / Gamesa, the SG 8,0 / 167 with 8 MW power and 167 m rotor diameter. The total park capacity is 464 MW. The Otary group is the main shareholder with 70%, Electrabel has 17.5% and Eneco 12.5%. Seamade should be operational by the end of 2020.