Tampnet to supply 4G/LTE coverage for Gemini OWF

© Tampnet

Norwegian communication network operator Tampnet has been awarded a contract to supply 4G/LTE coverage for the 600 MW Gemini Offshore Wind Farm and the Service Operation Vessel (SOV) and Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) working in the wind farm area.

Tampnet operates an offshore high capacity communication network in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. For Tampnet it is the first LTE/4G coverage order for an offshore wind farm in the Dutch section of the North Sea.

Gemini Offshore Wind Farm, located 55 km off the island of Schiermonnikoog became officially operational in May 2017. It consist of two offshore wind farms named ZeeEnergie and Buitengaats, each consisting of one substation and 75 wind Siemens turbines with 4 MW power.

The 48/LTE coverage will support the operation and maintenance of the offshore wind farm. Tampnet will operate two basestations with one on each substation. The installation will be done in cooperation with Gemini, the company said.