Successful first year for community funded turbine Volksmolen


On 1 November 1 2020, the Volksmolen, a community funded turbine in the Zijpe Wind Farm, nearby Burgervlotbrug, celebrated its first anniversary. The turbine produced 20% more than forecasted, reports turbine supplier Wind Energy Solutions (WES).

The Zijpe Wind Farm is located in the province of Noord-Holland and comprises 8 Lagerweij turbines wind turbines which have been operating since 1992 and since one year 1 WES turbine. The owner of the wind farm is the cooperative Kennemerwind.

Together with Kennemerwind, WES, set up the ‘Volksmolen-project’ to replace one of three stationary turbines by means of citizen participation. The local community from, among others, Burgerbrug, Schoorl, Bergen, Groet, Petten, Koedijk and Warmenhuizen were given the opportunity to participate by purchasing so-called ‘Windshares’.

Tax relief for locally produced electricity
The financial participation was made possible through the ‘Postcoderoosregeling’ (Postalcode Rose Scheme), an incentive from the Dutch government, whereby the members are exempted from the energy tax on electricity produced locally for a period of 15 years. Over 50 members participated, the majority of whom are citizens plus a few companies.

20 percent more than forecasted
The turbine not only sucessfully completed its first year, it also produced more than expected. The turbine was forecasted to have an annual production of 180.000 kWh. Due to a number of very good wind months, amongst others, it produced 215.000 kWh after 1 year, WES said.