Start investigation expansion Nieuwe Waterweg Wind Farm

© Eneco

Eneco, renewable developer FMT, the Delfland water authority and waste disposal company Renewi have signed an agreement to explore the possibilities for an expansion of the Nieuwe Waterweg wind farm.

The current wind farm, located at the Nieuwe Waterweg in the municipality of Rotterdam, comprises 6 wind turbines, type Vestas 112. It has been operational since June 2019 and has an annual generation capacity of 75,000 MWh.

An industrial estate, west of the current wind farm, could offer possibilities to place additional wind turbines. It conserns the grounds of the Delfland water authority and Renewi.

Over the next few months, a feasibility study will be performed. This will last till after the summer. The initiators will also talk to surrounding businesses, citizens and other interested parties.

The expansion of the wind farm will contribute to the ambitions of the municipality of Rotterdam to half the city’s CO2-emmissions by 2030, as stated in the Rotterdams Klimaatakkoord.