Start construction Windpark De Veenwieken

This month, the first construction activities will start at the 30 MW onshore wind farm Windpark De Veenwieken, located in an area between the municipalities of Ommen and Hardenberg.

The construction activities include road construction and connection activities. The road construction will be performed by KWS Infra. The company will also construct the stand place for the crane and the facilities that are required for the crane installation and turbine component assembly. BAM Infra Energie & Water is performing the activities by order of grid owner Enexis Netbeheer.

The wind farm is an initiative of De Wieken and energy company Raedthuys Pure Energie. It will consist of 10 3 MW Enercon turbines, type E-103, with a hub height of 98 metres, a rotor diameter of 103 metres and 51.5-metre blades. Raedthuys Pure Energy is the owner of 4 wind turbines. The wind farm is planned to be completed this year. Photo: Windpark de Veenwieken