Start civil works in Hattemerbroek Wind Farm

Bob Bergkamp, alderman of Oldebroek and Jan van Werven during the ceremonial launch ©

Last week the construction phase for the 14.4 MW onshore wind farm Hattemerbroek in the province of Gelderland was ceremonially launched. The wind farm is planned to be ready in July 2021.

The wind farm is being realised along the N50 at the junction Hattemerbroek, in the municipality of Oldebroek and will comprise 4 Vestas wind turbines. Each turbine has a tip height of 150 m. The 4 turbines have a combined capacity of 14.4 MW.

The initiator, Jan van Werven, came up with the plan for the wind farm in 1997 but it took 22 years, until November 2019, before the green light was given for its construction. The wind farm development and construction is managed by Ventolines.

Construction planning
Infrastructure specialist Van Werven infra b.v. started with the civil works. As of November of this year, a temporary exit will be created at the A28 to receive the turbine components that cannot be transported via the existing infrastructure.

The company A. Hak Electron will start laying the cables in September. This will take place over a distance of over 8 km; from Hattemerbroek to Wapenveld. The preparatory activities and construction of the foundations will also start in September and last till December. When all goes well, the wind tubrines will be installed in March/April 2021.

Financial participation
Local citizens living within a reach of 1,500 metres will receive an annual compensation in the energy costs. Local citizens will also get the opportunity to participate financially. In addition, a sustainability fund will be set up.