Sittard-Geleen city council approves environmental permit for Holtum-Noord wind farm

On Thursday 8 October, the city council of Sittard-Geleen issued a statement of no objections for the environmental permit for the Holtum-Noord wind farm in the province of Limburg. This was reported by the project initiator ENGIE Energie Nederland BV.

The Holtum-Noord wind farm comprises three wind turbines at the Holtum-Noord business park in the municipality of Sittard-Geleen. ENGIE applied for the environmental permit in January this year.

The three wind turbines will contribute to the ambition of the municipality of Sittard-Geleen to have 49% of the energy consumption in the municipality produced by renewable energy sources by 2030. Together with interested parties, a profit plan has been drawn up so that the immediate vicinity also benefits from the arrival of the turbines, for example by means of an environmental fund, financial participation, competitive energy rate and a green scheme for neighbors. This was a condition for the municipality. Further details will be taken up in the near future, ENGIE reports.

The draft statement of no objection was available for inspection from 20 May 20 to 1 July this year. A total of 100 views have been submitted against this draft statement. Anyone who has submitted an view on the statement can still appeal against the decision of the municipality within six weeks of the date of the official announcement.

Once the environmental permit is finally granted, a decision can be made on the type of turbine and supplier. In the meantime, ENGIE is already busy with preparations, such as the application for the SDE subsidy (Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Generation).