Reimert Bouw en Infrastructuur contracted for Jaap Rodenburg Wind Farm II

© Reimert

Vattenfall has awarded local company Reimert Bouw en Infrastructuur (Reimert) the contract for construction activities in Jaap Rodenburg Wind Farm II, located in Almere Pampus.

Jaap Rodenburg Wind Farm II is a repowering project. The original wind farm dates from 2000 and comprises 10 wind turbines with a combined rated power of 1.6 MW. The repowering project is an initiative by Vattenfall and local energy cooperative Almeerse Wind. The original turbines are located at approximately 1,500 m from the current residential buildings in Poort and have a hub height of 67 m and tip height of 100 m.

The turbines will be replaced by larger turbines with a hub height of around 90 m and a maximum tip height of 150 m. These should be able to power the equivalent of 29,140 households, more than twice the current capacity.

Reimert will be responsible for the construction activities prior to the installation of the turbines. These include the construction of the internal parc roads, foundations, the crane hardstand and 2 substations. In the next few months a start will be made on the dismantling of the current turbines. These will likely get a second live in Eastern Europe. The company intents to start the construction activities this summer. The activities will take around a year, followed by the start of turbine installation work in spring 2021. Almeerse Wind will own 2 of the 10 wind turbines. Source: Reimert.