Positive advice NCEA on EIA Windplan Groen

The Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) has provided a positive advise on the quality of environmental information in the environmental impact assessment report for Windplan Groen. The announcement marks a next step towards the realisation of the potentially 400 MW wind farm.

Windplan Groen
Windplan Groen is part of the ‘Regioplan Windenergie’ (regional plan wind energy) of the provincie of Flevoland. For the implementation of the plan, the province is split in 4 regions. In each region, initiators have to come up with one initiative that meet the requirements of the Regioplan. Windplan Groen is the initiative for the region East, in the municipalities of Dronten and Lelystad. The initiator is Windkoepel Groen (WKG), an organisation comprising individual wind farm owners and individuals that are involved. As part of the initiative, the current wind turbines that are spread across the region are being replaced by new, more powerful ones. These will be installed in clustered line positions. Due to the more powerful turbines, less (90) turbines will be required.

Environmental Impact Assessment
The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study is performed by Pondera Consult, by order of WKG. The Commission has judged the EIA to include all the essential information for it to support the decision making process on the National integration plan and permits for the wind farm. According to the NCEA, the study shows clearly that meassures are needed to comply to the laws and regulations. Examples are provisions to stop the wind turbines in order to minimise bat casualties and meassures to prevent too much cast shadow and noise.

The draft permit applications and draft integration plans, which include the EIA on which they are based, are open for public consultation from April 26th to June 6th 2019. Image: Pondera Consult