Part revenue Krammer WF invested in local carbon storage

Krammer Wind Farm © Deltawind

Energy cooperatives Zeeuwind, Deltawind and farmers’ organisation ZLTO join forces in a carbon storage project in the area surrounding the onshore wind farm Krammer.

The pilot should lead to a direct local reduction of CO2 emissions. Part of the revenue from the wind farm, which was officially opened in May 2019, will be invested in the project.

A group of 15 farmers, with a total of 600 to 700 hectares of agricultural lands, will implement a set of meassures that will lead to 30 to 40 tonnes of carbon capture each. These meassures will consist of at least 2 underground meassures and 1 overground meassure. The group of farmers will receive support from experts in the European Carbon Farming project.

The meassures are selected based on scientific research. Examples are non-inversion tillage, the use of buffer crops, non ploughing up of pastures and the use of field borders with deep-rooting plants.

Over a period of 5 years, the farmers will receive a financial compensation per ton of captures carbon. They annually receive 70% of the compensation according to the efforts made. The remaining 30% will be received upon completion of the pilot and is based on the effective reduced CO2 capture. A baseline measurement and end measurement will be taking place. The captured carbon could be up to 2,750 tonnes in 5 years.

More carbon in the soil (via organic matter) is also said to have the advantage of making the soil more resilient to climate extremes.