MHI Vestas receives new Service Operation Vessel

On Wednesday 4 September, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind’s new Service Operation Vessel (SOV) ESVAGT Albert Betz was christened in the Eemshaven. The new vessel will be servicing the German offshore wind farm Deutsche Bucht for the next 15 years.

The SOV ESVAGT Albert Betz was built by ESVAGT. It is the second delivered to MHI Vestas, following the ESVAGT Mercator. Both are a Havyard 831 design but the latest SOV has some specially built in features in preparation for servicing the farm in Deutsche Bucht.

‘As opposed to the ‘Esvagt Mercator’ that exclusively uses ESVAGT’s own STB 7 and STB 12 design (Safe Transfer Boats) for accessing the WTG, the ‘Esvagt Albert Betz’ has a fixed Walk-to-Work gangway system installed. This requires the capacity of holding a position very close to the WTG, and that is why the vessel is equipped with an increased capacity on thrusters and generators’, says Gerner Eskelund.

Deutsche Bucht is a 269 MW project by Canadian Northland Power who also owns the Gemini Offshore Wind Farm. It is located over 100 km off the German mainland, in the German Exclusive Economic Zone. The wind farm comprises 33 V164-8.4 MW wind turbines that will supply enough renewable energy to provide around 328,000 households in their annual electricity needs. The wind farm is being completed at the moment. The ESVAGT Albert Betz will start its service this month. Image: MHI Vestas