Local residents can invest in Zeewolde Wind Farm

Local citizens in the communities surounding Zeewolde Wind Farm will soon be able to invest in the wind farm. Developer Windpark Zeewolde B.V. will issue bond loans at the end of the construction phase, planned for the end of 2021.

A total of 12 million euros will be made available. It concerns a long-term loan with expected interest rates of 6%. Citizens can participate with a minimum amount of 500 euros.

Citizens of Zeewolde, Almere and members of the renewable energy cooperative ‘de Nieuwe Molenaars’ will be given priority. In case the 12 million euro is not reached, all citizens living in areas with area codes , 37 (west), 38 (south), and 82 (west) can also subscribe.

The Zeewolde Wind Farm repowering project is an initiative by farmers, wind turbine owners and citizens of the rural area of Zeewolde Zeewolde. The wind farm will comprise 83 Enercon wind turbines. Construction is planned for October. In early June the first old turbine was dismantled. Image: Windparkzeewolde.nl