KNMI involved in the latest wind satellite Aeolus

The KNMI (Dutch Meteorological Institute) thinks along with the construction of the newest wind satellite Aeolus that will conduct wind measurements. This new wind satellite is better able to adjust weather models and make better weather forecasts.

Now there are weather satellites to make wind measurements at the sea surface, but these are unable to measure wind at higher altitudes. Wind at higher altitudes play an important role in the development of depressions above the sea.

The KNMI is partly responsible for processing the satellite measurements into wind profiles that are used by weather centers worldwide.

KNMI has been involved since 1992 in the preparation of the Aeolus mission coordinated by the European Space Agency (ESA). KNMI contributed to the design, selection and development of the mission, in preparation for the scientific and operational exploitation of its data after the launch on August 21, 2018 from French Guyana.

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