Hazeldonk-West civil works contractors announced

Visualisation of the Hazeldonk-West area. Source: Windparkhazeldonk-west.nl

Aannemingsmaatschappij Van Gelder and Loon- en Grondwerkbedrijf W. Huijbregts BV. have been selected to perform the the civil works for the Hazeldonk-West wind farm. The first works are scheduled for October this year.

Hazeldonk-West wind farm is being developed and built by Business Center Treeport (BCT), Eneco and Pure Energie. Five wind turbines will be placed in row arrangement on the west side of the A16, at the Hazeldonk junction.

Vestas and Nordex turbines

Eneco and BCT have opted for Nordex turbines. It concerns type N149 with a hub height of 135 meters and a rotor diameter of 149 meters. Pure Energie has opted for 2 Vestas V150 turbines with a hub height of 135 meters and a rotor diameter of 150 meters.

Civil works

Aannemingsmaatschappij Van Gelder has been contracted for the civil works, with the exception of the BCT location. The activities include the construction of park roads and the crane hardstands, and the supply and installation of cables and foundations for the wind turbines. Van Gelder is expected to start the first work on site in October 2021.

The wind turbine location of BCT is part of a larger area development that is taking place at the Business Center Treeport business park. The activities in this area are carried out integrally by Loon- en Grondwerkbedrijf W. Huijbregts BV.

Before the contractors can start with this work, archaeological research will be carried out in the coming months. An investigation into unexploded explosives (UXO) has already been completed.

Windenergie A16

Hazeldonk-West wind farm is part of the ‘Windenergie A16’ plan. This plan received final approval from the Council of State in December 2020. A total of 28 wind turbines will be built, divided over the areas Klaverpolder, Zonzeel, Galder and Hazeldonk. Source: Windparkhazeldonk-west.nl