Greenchoice puts largest wind energy storage system into use

Today, June 6, energy provider Greenchoice officially put a 10 MW / 10 MWh energy storage system into use at its 24 MW onshore wind farm Hartelkanaal, near the Port of Rotterdam. The battery is the largest largest wind-coupled storage system in the Netherlands to date.

Greenchoice already announced that it would install the battery back in November of last year. The system is delivered by Alfen and consists of 6 containerized battery energy storage units, each the size of a sea container, with pre-integrated batteries, power conversion, acclimatization, and a transformer compartment. It concerns a modular plug & play solution, allowing for expansion when needed. Due to the storage capacity, the wind turbines can continue operating even when there is low demand. The stored energy can be fed into the network again when demand is high.

The energy storage system can be used to provide network balancing services to the European 50 Hz energy network, something that becomes more important with fossil fuels being phased out. Smart grid technology company Spectral was commissioned by Greenchoice to develop the energy control system.

Hartelkanaal Wind Farm
The wind farm consists of eight wind turbines. Together they deliver on average 68 GWh of green energy for 18,000 households. The wind farm has been fully operational since 2015. Source: Greenchoice