Green light for Koningspleij WF


This week the Council of State ruled positively on the zoning plan, the environmental permit and water permit for the Koningspleij Wind Farm. The initiators can now proceed with the construction of 4 wind turbines near Arnhem.

The Council previously ruled against the realisation of the wind farm. According to the Council, the initiators of the project failed to prove sufficiently that two houses in near proximity of the turbines were company residences. As a result, the two houses would be hindered by too high sound levels and cast shadow.

The initiators now have to ensure that the sound level at these two houses are within the limits as defined in the customised requirements drafted by the municipality of Arnhem after the previous ruling.

About Koningspleij Wind Farm
The wind farm is part of the zoning plan ‘Windpark en zonneveld Koningspleij’ comprising 4 wind turbines and a 8.5 hs solar farm at Koningspleij Noord, along the Arnhemse Kleefse Waard. The four wind turbines will be installed in line position along the N325. The turbines will have a hub height betwee 98 m and 120 m, rotor diameter between 100 and 120 m and tip height of between 148 and 180 m.

Koningspleij Wind Farm is an initiative by the energy cooperative Rijn en IJssel Energiecoöperatie, Prowind and developer Pure Energie. Three of the four wind turbines are a citizen initiative. Citizens of Arnhem and surrounding region have the option to financially participate. Since 2017 the initiators received over 570 pre registrations. The final registration is now open. The fourth wind turbine is developed by Pure Energie. Its power will be purchased by the business parc Kleefse Waard.

The wind farm is planned to become operational in 2021. The four wind turbines together will have an expected annual generation of 34 million kWh.