Global Wind Services continues Wieringermeer Wind Farm work in second phase


Nordex Group has selected Global Wind Service (GWS) as one of its turbine installation partners for the second phase of the Wieringermeer Wind Farm project in the province of Noord-Holland. GWS will install half of the 32 wind turbines.

Nordex is the wind turbine supplier for the section of the Wieringermeer Wind Farm project which Vattenfall is currently building. Vattenfall’s project will feature 82 N117/3600 turbines in total. Nordex already selected GWS for support with pre-assembly, installation and service of 50 turbines. GWS completed the installation of the last of the 50 turbines in early May this year. Nordex has now also awarded GWS similar work for 16 of the remaining 32 wind turbines.

Work has already commenced on site, GWS said. Once completed the wind farm will have an installed capacity of approximately 300 MW. The complete Wieringermeer wind project will include 99 wind turbines. The remaining 17 turbines are part of ECN’s Wieringermeer Test facilities.

Global wind Service offers onshore and offshore installation and servicing of wind turbines around the world. The Denmark originated company has been present in Holland since 2009. Its Dutch office represents the Benelux area.