Further growth onshore wind in 2018

According to statistics from WindStats, a service by Bosch & Van Rijn, the total installed onshore wind capacity in the Netherlands has grown with 94 MW in 2018.

In total, 166 MW of onshore wind power was added last year. However, a total of 72 MW was decommissioned in that same year. Windpark Krammer (87 MW) in the Province of Zeeland was the main contributor to the growth, followed by the wind farms Hogezandse Polder (Province of Zuid-Holland) and Bouwdokken (Province of Zeeland).

According to WindStats, the total installed wind capacity is currently 4,130 MW, of which 957 MW is installed offshore. With 3,353 MW installed onshore, there remains 2,647 MW to be added in order to reach the 2020 target of 6,000 MW. Of all the Dutch provinces, the Province of Zeeland is closest in reaching its targets and the Province of Drenthe is furthers away from reaching its target.