Financial close for repowering project Wind Farm Etten-Leur

The five wind turbines of wind farm Etten-Leur will be replaced by 3 new wind turbines from Vestas.

The 5 original turbines were built 17 years ago by a family. Now, the grandchildren are in charge of the repowering project. On February 14, a contract was signed for the purchase and maintenance of three new Vestas wind turbines and a day later for the foundations and the electrical infrastructure. The new wind turbines will be higher and therefor more efficient and quiet. They shall provide twice the energy as the current turbines do. This is a benefit to the environment and the third generation, the successors of the future.

“Entrepreneurship in wind still requires a pioneering spirit. Achieving the realization phase feels like seeing the finish of a marathon. We are tired, but charged for the final phase “, says daughter Jolanda Rommens.

BLIX was leading in the tender negotiations to select the most efficient wind turbines and balance of plant contracts. This on behalf of the family and their partner Renewable Energy Factory. Source: BLIX