Egchelse Heide Wind Farm reaches financial close

Last week, financial close was reached for the 21 MW Egchelse Heide Wind Farm. The five wind turbines in the municipality of Peel en Maas are planned to become operational in the second quarter of 2021. Approximately 27 million euros has been raised for the project.

Egchelse Heide wind farm is an initiative of the energy cooperative Peel Energie and local farmers. The project was approved by the Council of State at the end of January. The wind farm is located along the Haambergweg between Egchel and Beringe. The initiators have chosen Enercon wind turbines, type E-138.

27 million Euro investment
The major part of the required investment was provided by a ASN bank. ASN Groenprojectenfonds offered a loan of 24 million Euro with a term of 15 years. A condition set by banks was that 10% of equity had to be contributed by the initiators of the wind farm. A bond campaign was launched to raise the remaining 3 million Euro. Within six weeks of the start of registration, more than 3 million Euro (3,580,500 Euro) was registered. More than 75 percent of this amount comes from residents from Peel en Maas who were given priority when registering.

Construction phase
Mart Munsters BV Loon- en Grondwerken Deurne-Helden are responsible for the groundwork and the construction of temporary and permanent roads in the wind farm. In July and August, Munsters will start building the access roads and construction sites. The civil and electrical works have been awarded to Watt Infra BV from Geldrop. The piling will follow in September in preparation for the construction of the foundations. The foundations will be built in the fourth quarter.

Sustainability fund & environmental fund
At the same time as the construction is taking place, Egchelse Heide Wind Farm is investing 0.5 million Euros in making the homes within a radius of 1000 meters more sustainable. In addition, more than 60,000 Euro will become available annually for an environmental fund aimed at sustainable projects in the vicinity of the wind farm. Sustainable initiatives closest to the turbines can first count on support