Draft environmental permit Agro-Wind Wind Farm available

On 19 November, the draft environmental permit for a wind farm comprising 11 wind turbines in the south of Reusel was made available for consultation. The previous week the city council of the municipality of Reusel-De Mierden provided a draft declaration of no objection.

The wind farm is an initiative by High Tech Agro Campus society, consisting of 30 members residing within a 900 m radius from the wind farm location. These are both businesses as local residents. An application for an environmental permit was submitted in March of this year.

The turbines will be installed in line position on both sides of the woodland area Peelse Heide and along de Strook. The net production of the submitted project is 178.7 GWh per year, comparable to the energy consumption of 51,057 houses.

Now follows a consultation period of 6 weeks. The EIA Committee will refer back to the municipality in January. The definitive authorisation is expected in February 2020.

The wind farm is part of the society’s larger ambition to become energy and climate neutral. Source: Reuseldemierden.nl