De Veenwieken Wind Farm produces first electricity

De Veenwieken Wind Farm reached a milestones when two wind turbines were connected to the grid this week. These turbines will undergo final testing before being handed over to the wind farm owner.

It concerns turbines number 1 and 9. With number 4 and 10 almost ready the construction is almost half way. The wind farm will comprise of 10 Enercon type E103 wind turbines with each a shaft height of 98 m, a rotor diameter of 103 m and a tip height of 149.5 m. The wind turbines are able to annually generate between 70 to 75 million kWh.

De Veenwieken Wind Farm is located between south of Dedemsvaart, in and area that is located in the municipalities of both Ommen and Hardenberg, in the eastern part of the Netherlands. The wind farm is an initiative by De Wieken (Windunie, Greenchoice and ABN AMRO Energy Transition Fund) and Pure Energie. Six turbines are owned by De Wieken and 4 by Pure Energie.