Construction Windpark Friesland (316 MW) will start in 2019

The Council of State declared all objections filed against the permits for Windpark Fryslân unfounded. This paved the way for the construction of Windpark Fryslân in the Frisian part of the IJsselmeer. Windpark Fryslân will consist of a cluster of 89 wind turbines and will have a capacity of at least 316 MW.

This is comparable with the power consumption of 340,000 households. The construction of the wind farm will start in 2019. In 2021, the wind farm will be fully operational.

Project director Anne de Groot of Windpark Fryslân calls the ruling of the Council of State an important breakthrough. ‘Since 2008, we have worked with all the authorities and the surrounding area on the plans for this large-scale wind farm in the IJsselmeer.

The initiators of Windpark Fryslân have always indicated that they want to realize a wind farm from and for Fryslân.

That promise can now be fulfilled. Important steps in this include financial participation of the province in the wind farm and the establishment of an Environmental Fund, which will contribute some 500,000 euros annually to the local environment from 2022 onwards. ‘