Coca-Cola’s Dongen site to source electricity from local solar and wind farm

Bron: Eneco

Coca-Cola is starting a collaboration with Eneco to source renewable electricity from the local solar farm De Wildert for its Dongen site in the Netherlands from 2022. The energy is supplemented by Burgerwindpark De Spinder.

The Dongen site is one of 6 within Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) to become Co2-neutral as part of CCEP’s Net Zero 2040 ambition. Over 85% of Coca-Cola drinks that are sold in the Netherlands, such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Fuze Tea, are produced at this factory.

The first steps have already been taken, including the switch to using electric vehicles on site. The factory also plans to switch from gas boilers to a fully electric heat pumps, and for the heating system to be converted from steam to hot water using an internal heat network with energy recovery. To complete the switch from gas to renewable electricity, the gas-powered shrink furnace will be replaced with an electric furnace.

Locally sourced solar and wind energy
The Dongen factory has been powered by renewable energy since 2010. From 2022 it will be sourcing renewable electricity from the new ‘De Wildert’ solar farm (an initiative of Eneco and VolkerWessels (50/50)) which is being constructed approximately 300 metres from the factory. The solar farm has an annual expected production of 21.000 MWh. The energy will be supplemented by ‘De Spinder’ wind farm.

Burgerwindpark De Spinder wind farm is located within 3.5 kilometres of the production location. The wind farm is an initiative of 11 energy cooperatives and comprises 4 Nordex N117 turbines. The wind farm has been fully operational since April 2020.

Jaap Wassink, VP & Country Director of Coca-Cola European Partners Nederland stated: ‘It is vital that we continue to invest in sustainability, particularly in these times. We are committed to emerging from this crisis stronger, and reducing our environmental impact continues to be one of the most important challenges confronting our company. Our Dongen factory has proven itself in recent years with respect to innovative developments, including the complete switch to PET bottles made from 100 per cent recycled plastic and packaging innovations such as the KeelClip™, a carton outer packaging for multipacks. It’s fantastic that we can keep on making rapid progress on this important climate ambition.’

Hans Peters, Chief Customer Officer Eneco added: ‘Coca-Cola European Partners aims to be climate neutral and to use local energy sources. It’s a great ambition to which we at Eneco are delighted to be able to contribute. With the delivery of solar and wind power from the immediate vicinity of Dongen, we are taking important steps together towards a carbon neutral production location. Moreover, a portion of this wind power will remain available for local residents. It’s a partnership to be proud of.’ Source: Eneco