Ampelmann receives multiple offshore wind orders from Asia Pacific region

Ampelmann has secured multiple orders in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region in the first quarter of 2021. A large part of these relate to the offshore wind market. In addition to the well-known A-type motion compensated access system, Ampelmann will also introduce the E1000 system in this region.

The Dutch offshore access provider has won a total of five contracts for eight projects in the APAC region. All contracts were signed in the first quarter of 2021 and consist of activities in different offshore segments and in different countries, using different Ampelmann systems.

Five of these relate to renewable energy. For 1 of the 5 assignments Ampelmann will provide the Ampelmann E1000 system in the region for the first time. The E1000 will provide safe and efficient offshore access for personnel and cargo in the construction phase of an offshore wind farm off the coast of Taiwan.

The remaining four projects will all see the use of an A-type, a system with a significant track record in APAC, operating in Taiwanese waters. The orders in the offshore wind market are a welcome surprise as the activities in the region were previously exclusively in oil and gas.

Of the new contracts, the A-type system will also operate in two other market segments. In India, the system supports a decommissioning project, while in Indonesia, it provides offshore access during an FPU modification project. In Brunei, Ampelmann will contribute to one more of its core industries and enable safe and efficient Crew Change operations. This system will be number eight in the country. Source: Ampelmann