All turbines in Waardpolder Wind Farm are operational

© WP Energiek

All six wind turbines in Waardpolder Wind Farm, located in the municipality of Hollands Kroon in the province of Noord Holland, are operational. The wind farm is a project by WP Energiek. It concerns a repowering project whereby the original 19 wind turbines were replaced by 6 modern, more powerful models.

Energy company NUON (now Vattenfall) initiated the wind farm in the Waardpolder between Wieringerwaard and Kolhorn in 1996. Until recently, the wind farm comprised of 19 Nedwind turbines with each a rated power of 250 KW/h. The company sold the wind farm to WP Energiek BV in 2006.

In 2017, WP Energiek received the construction permit for the wind farm. The dismantling of the wind farm took place in November 2017. The construction of the six wind turbines was completed in November 2019. The new turbines are provided by German wind turbine manufacturer Nordex. These turbines, type N131, have a hub height of 120 m, a rotor diameter of 131 m, and a rated output of 3.6 MW. The electricity generated by these turbines will be enough to power the equivalent of around 22,000 households. Source: WP Energiek