All turbines Deil Wind Farm in place

© Pure Energie

Energy company Pure Energie completed the installation of their two wind turbines in the Deil onshore wind farm. All eleven turbines that make up the wind farm are now in place. 

The last two wind turbines will now start the commissioning phase. Deil Wind Farm comprises 11 wind turbines, located near the Deil junction, south of the A15 highway, on both sides of the A2 highway. The wind farm is being built by three parties: citizen cooperative Burgerwindcoöperatie West-Betuwe owns 4 turbines, YARD ENERGY owns 5 and Pure Energie 2.

The first wind turbine, belonging to Burgerwindcoöperatie West-Betuwe, was installed in November 2019. The wind turbines used are from Vestas, type V136-4.2 MW. They have a rotor diameter of 136 m, a hub height of 140 m, a tip height of 208 m and are expected to annually produce around 15 million kWh.

The turbines belonging to Burgerwindcoöperatie West-Betuwe became commercially operational a few weeks ago.