All inter-array cables in Borssele 1&2 installed

Cable laying vessel Nexus © Van Oord

Van Oord’s cable installation vessel Nexus has completed the installation of all 94 inter-array cables in the 752 MW Borssele 1&2 offshore wind farm which Ørsted is building some 23 km off the coast of Zeeland. In the coming period Van Oord will continue burying the cables.

Van Oord won the contract in 2018. Under the contract, the company is responsible for transporting, installing and burying the 94 inter array cables. These cables which connect the turbines to TenneT’s offshore platform have a total length of 167 km and are supplied by Nexans.

The first activities started in February of 2020. Next month, Van Oord and Ørsted also expect to finish burying the cables at a depth of about 2 m with Van Oord’s trencher Dig-It.

Klaasjaap Buijs, Construction Manager Ørsted: ‘We are now approaching the last phase of the installation of Borssele I & II. Even with our stringent COVID-19 measures, we are still well on track to complete the installation before the end of the year. The cable installation scope was a good example of our excellent relationship with the neighbouring windfarm of Borssele III & IV, under construction by the Blauwwind consortium. It is not often that different companies successfully share cable installation vessels across different projects.’