All 5 turbines by Eurus Energy in Deil Wind Farm start commercial operation

Deil Wind Farm © Eurus Energy

Japanese renewable energy company Eurus Energy Group announced today the start of commercial operation of their 5 wind turbines in the onshore wind farm Deil in the municipality of West Betuwe in the  Gelderland province.

The Deil Wind Farm was built near the interchange between the A2 and A15 motorways by three parties: citizen cooperative Burgerwindcoöperatie West-Betuwe (4 turbines), Yard Energy (5) and Pure Energie (2). Eurus Energy acquired the 5 wind turbines from Yard Energy in 2018. Yard Energy managed the construction of the wind farm. The electricity from the 5 turbines is purchased by Eneco Group.

Deil consists of Vestas V136-4.2 MW wind turbines, each with a hub height of 140 meters, a rotor diameter of 136 meters, a tip height of 208 m and a rated power of 4.2 MW.

With the Deil wind farm fully in operation, Eurus Energy now has a total of 148.5 MW of wind capacity based in the Netherlands. In addition, Eurus has 3 more wind farms under construction. When commissioned, to be expected in 2021, the capacity will reach 300 MW.