All 10 wind turbines at De Veenwieken Wind Farm are in place


The construction of the last of in total 10 wind turbines at De Veenwieken Wind Farm has been completed. Six of the ten Enercon, type E-103, 2.3 MW, wind turbines are already connected to the grid. The coming period will be spent on connecting the remaining 4 wind turbines.

The first construction activities started in April of this year. In August, the first wind turbine was installed. The initiators of the project, De Wieken and Pure Energie, strive to have the remaining 4 turbines tested and fully connected sometime during February.

In the meantime, between February and March, the Dutch contractor KWS will bring the staging areas at the turbines to their final, reduced size and laying the final asphalt layer for the internal wind farm roads.

Wind Energy Magazine attended the open day in September. Read the full story here.